Book Review: "Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality through Education"

"Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality through Education is one of the best books I have ever read. The book discusses in detail the dark side of public education and the role psychiatry and psychology have had in perverting education.   Having worked for about 3 years as a substitute teacher, in two very different school systems, I witnessed firsthand some of what the book discusses. To an extent, I can also confirm the claims the book makes concerning psychology, as I have an advanced degree in the subject (MA, general psychology). This is definitely a book every parent, teacher, and anyone involved with public education should read.”  

Richard J. Brzostek – New England



The best expose of psycho-manipulation since Hidden Persuader

I read this as the finest exposé of psycho-sleaze since Vance Packard wrote The Hidden Persuaders.  Cloning is not light reading: it belongs in the study, not on the coffee table or in the bathroom. The author relates in detail what the methods of the Educrats are and what they accomplish. Every honest member of school boards everywhere should study this exposé--and learn the wisdom of rejecting Federal aid for anything. There! Put THAT in my psycho-profile!”  

Theodore M. Kraft, J.D. -Lee County, Florida


“One of the best parts of Cloning of the American Mind is her discussion on how parent/teacher meetings can be manipulated so that parents' concerns that are outside the schools’ interests are not allowed to have impact in a meeting. Eakman goes point by point on how they do it AND how you can speak so not be isolated in a meeting. GREAT stuff for any parent trying to work within the system!” 

A. Wilken – Maryland


“Part IV of Cloning of the American Mind should be read by anyone who has ever sat on a school committee or is thinking about it. Even more urgently, it should be read by all members of all school boards which are told that some recommendation or another was developed by a teacher or parent-teacher committee. 

I participated in two committees like this in our local public school, and found that the whole process was deliberately manipulated to cultivate intended results, while suppressing dissent or discussion. 

Eakman warns that such ‘rigged consensus building’ thwarts opposition or original thinking, while enshrining and preserving the status quo. It is a powerful tool for manipulating public opinion in such a way to gain apparent approval for dubious management directions. 

These manipulative techniques are both employed with, and taught to, students in ed schools. By the time that someone leaves ed school with administration credentials, they are well-trained to set up the same dangerous practices in the districts where they are employed.”  

Kevin Killion - Illinois


Cloning of the American Mind should be on the ‘must read’ list for anyone wanting to know more about the current sad state of affairs in not only public education but, in society in general. This book is well documented and extremely in-depth.” 

Theresa Harmon - Juliet, TN 


Cloning of the American Mind has excellent insights into the curriculum contents in public education schools today. … Having all this [information] at our fingertips is a whole lot easier than trying to research it from scratch.  It's a book every parent should invest in a copy in… as an educational research resource book…. Read up on all that's happened so far to drag education down to the level it has now become. I can't recommend this book enough. I have read all of Beverly's books and each book is EXCELLENT!” 

Lois L Simpson - Woodbridge, VA


Cloning of the American Mind is both prophetic and remedial. In this age of word inflation, superlatives seem inadequate in describing the value of this remarkable treatise. Few people are aware that Columbine HS in Littleton, CO is one of the very first schools to experiment with the dangerous practices exposed in Mrs. Eakman's book. I have official tapes of the debate at Littleton from ca. 1988 where parents who were fearful of their values being undermined by "Outcomes Based Education / Workforce 2000" were simply blown off. By the mid 1990's the illiteracy cartel won, and the rest is history. Cloning of the American Mind anticipates the implosion of such schools, even though it was written about 1 year before the Columbine tragedy. The family is under attack through the schools, and the schools are under attack through a myriad of special interest groups. In particular, an out-of-control psychographics industry is described, whose function is to provide access to our children for such purposes as industrial exploitation, marketing research, political manipulation, coercion of conscience, family meddling, psychological profiling and, perhaps most frightening, profiling the private lives of their families. This is done, of course, at the expense of academic studies, while all the time being labeled as "achievement". The author generously provides an historical and documentary basis for her findings. It is also enjoyable to find an author whose demeanor is engaging and down-to-earth, with reminders of key points gently brought to mind at strategic points in the development. The closing sections provide remedial coaching on how to spot and deal with third-party "agents-of-change" visiting your school board, and how to reverse their horrifying agenda at the local level. Concerned citizens of Dothan, Alabama cited this book to help guide themselves out of a social and educational catastrophe. There are many fine books today chronicling the assault on the family and education. Cloning of the American Mind is comprehensive, exhaustive and indispensable. it now and take action!” 

Michael A. Banak - Illinois 


Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education is a comprehensive indictment on the sinister nature of the modern day education system. 

The book begins with the deliberate big brother testing tactics from Pennsylvania. Through the Educational Quality Assessment (EQA), our tax supported public schools have collected personal information via "attitudes, worldviews and opinions" culled from non-educational queries. Forget the fact that student IQs have been sliding downward, let's mold their independent ideas into a programmed state with suggestive questions. Then, repeat those questions through the life of their public education until they yield to the pressure of conformity.

… to expedite the transfer of information among school institutions, a system called SPEEDE/ ExPRESS was implemented. SPEEDE/ExPRESS stands for Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange/ Exchange of Permanent Records Electronically for Students. The danger of SPEEDE/ ExPRESS is that it also easily enables the ‘transfer of records among government agencies, corporations and countless other entities.’

…  In addition to students, B.K. Eakman's Cloning of the American Mind also touches on the pressure of conformity applied to teachers.  ‘Thus, teachers of students whose beliefs do not change over time, and who will not use the ‘psychological strands’ provided by the department head in his or her subject area, may be judged ‘ineffective.’ While tenure may protect some teachers for a time, there are other ways to get rid of them- such as giving them students with the worst behavior problems every year.

Through the ‘unified coding system’, students now have a ‘permanent record’ that can be referenced by law enforcement agencies, potential employers and, no doubt, a litany of hackers, creeps and people that go bump in the night. The book explains that this is one short step before DNA microchipping. 

Eakman exposes some interesting techniques in use today, such as: opinion molding, consensus building and the science of coercion. She also points the finger at tax exempt foundations; many formed by the Rockefeller dynasty. 

The connections are made to a harvesting of molded minds with the vision of a New World Order. Nationalism is treated as a ‘mental illness.’ What ever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? 

This book is not a one sitting read but I can honestly say that no pages are wasted. The information is invaluable particularly if you had no clue (like me) about what is going on today in our schools. It's absolutely dreadful. 

However, unlike many books that cry foul but leave no solutions, Bev Eakman lays out a solid plan on how to take back our schools from the `mad scientists.' 

Cloning of the American Mind by B.K. Eakman is an extremely important book to add to your reading list.”  

Bruce Collins - Sunnyvale, CA