Book Review: "Walking Targets: How Our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks"

Walking Targets paints a frightening picture of a society where children are less and less equipped to resist tyranny, at the same time that data gathering, profiling and surveillance make tyranny a more and more present reality. The author's vivid writing style and constant use of stories and examples make the book as interesting and readable as it is thought-provoking and disturbing. 

Eagle Forum
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 “...In Walking Targets, B. K. Eakman sounds the alarm on psychology-based programs in schools, and on the more general psychology-based mindset that treats every individual quirk as a classifiable mental illness demanding medication.”

Phyllis Schlafly - Radio host, author and lecturer
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“If you want to know who Big Brother is, what he does, and where he lives you need to read Beverly Eakman. She has been exposing behavioral psychology’s covert, attitude- manipulating agenda for more than two decades.  Her current book, Walking Targets is no exception.”  

Bruce Wiseman - Human right advocate and US President of CCHR
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“Beverly Eakman's new book, Walking Targets, is a detailed and accurate description of the troubling and dangerous state of education in contemporary United States of America.”         

Allen Quist - Professor of Political Science, speaker and author
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Walking Targets explores the interests that push the mental health agendas aimed at influencing and reshaping students’ - and society’s — most deeply held values and beliefs. As she describes it, today’s educators are being trained in what are nothing less than brainwashing techniques that erode students’ values and any sense of their own identity. The book exposes the money-driven spread of mental health screening programs, based upon subjective questionnaires that lead to prescriptions for violence-inducing antidepressants or other drugs for those found ‘at risk.’”

Robert Daniels - reviewer for Freedom Magazine
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“An extremely important new book that should be read by every parent is Walking Targets: How Our Psychologized Classrooms Are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks by B. K. Eakman, a former director of the National Education Consortium. The book describes how the basic technique used to psychologically assess children and their families is essentially a knock-off of marketing and advertising. These techniques are used to predict attitudes, including political reactions—called ‘worldviews’ —and have been used by the Department of Education to collect data on the kids and their families. It’s not about mental health. It’s about political indoctrination, sometimes disguised as ‘career planning.’ The deterioration of the nation’s education system is an open secret, but parents often find themselves defenseless. … Millions of students passed through the pre-1960s education system as healthy, productive young people. Today, they are as likely to be required to take various behavior altering drugs as not. Are you a parent? Read this book!” 

Alan Caruba, Editor, 

“This book is terrific, insightful, provocative, and a must-read for anyone who cares about kids and their education. Bev Eakman sees troubles ahead and tells us how "mental health" devotees are taking kids down a fatal path to thought control.” 

Richard L. Cutler - Ph.D. 
Vice-President, Univ. of Michigan, National Association of Scholars, Michigan retired.

“Beverly Eakman has opened doors to truth once again. No one has conducted more thorough research exposing the broad attack on our children than Bev. WALKING TARGETS is a must-read for every parent, educator and public policy analyst.”

The Honorable Samuel Rohrer - District 128, Pennsylvania House of Representatives 


“For more than a decade Bev Eakman has been sounding the alarm to warn us that the Education Establishment is stealing the minds of a generation of children in order to create a wrenching transformation of our society. Her books, speeches and articles have chronicled how government-appointed (and self-anointed) child experts have now created the perfect global citizens of tomorrow: anti-property, anti-industry, undiscerning, global-village idiots. Bev Eakman refuses to let them get away with it without a fight.”

Tom DeWeese - President, American Policy Center

“Bev Eakman is simply brilliant. Her new book skewers the educrats, psychotherapists, and politicians who claim to know best for you and your kids. Unlike most of the psychobabble that passes for advice to parents, this book hones in on the real problems with education today. No parent should enter the public school system before arming themselves with WALKING TARGETS first. WALKING TARGETS is the best parent guidebook there is on navigating the public school system. I'm giving a copy to all my children.”

The Honorable Karen S. Johnson - District 18, Arizona Senate

 "I just finished reading [your article], 'LOST'. It truly is awesome and so damning!  So much said of such importance and I value every word. It is so disheartening to know you are dead right on all of it. You are a remarkable advocate for children and all Americans." 

Joan Grindel - Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Past-President & VP, Republican Women’s Chapter 


“I’m afraid you won't ever have the luxury of throwing in the towel. You are a leader, Beverly. A leader must consider how what they do will affect the people watching them. An old saying is "Noblesse oblige." You may not technically be nobility, but figuratively, you are. Thank you for all the great books, articles.” 

Charlene Sanders - Hot Springs, Arkansas 

“Beverly Eakman astutely chronicles the psychological abuse taking place in the public-school classroom with impeccable credentials and incontrovertible conclusions. A compilation of her best speeches and articles, WALKING TARGETS points to the ominous threat of government-controlled childrearing, the use of pseudo-education under the guise of mental health and lifelong learning as three means of controlling the beliefs of the population. This book sounds another warning to traditionalists, conservatives and Christians that they need to vacate the state-run public school system for the safe sanctuary of private, Christian and home schools.” 

E. Ray Moore, Chaplain (Lt. Col.) USAR Ret., 
Director, Exodus Mandate 

“The shenanigans described by Beverly Eakman in WALKING TARGETS comprise a devastating indictment of the pernicious partners intentionally sabotaging our education system. She correctly observes that one of the most critical casualties has been our diminished communication skills, compromising the nation’s ability to solve all its other problems.”                                               

Charles M. Richardson, Founder & Chairman 
The Literacy Council (Long Island, NY)

“Beverly deserves a Pulitzer. I have only gotten through the Prologue, but already I am stunned—I found myself mentally shouting "Yes, YESSSS!" Beverly has worked long and hard to publicize events that have led up to where we are today. Maybe people who read these articles will start connecting dots backwards, then forward, to today's societal maelstroms. ... This book could be the spur that makes people understand how marketing has been corrupted and now dominates everything. She reveals how behavioral science has twisted what was once legitimately used to sell real products, not policies and propaganda."

Joan Battey - Political Commentator, Apalachin, New York

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