Book Review: "A Common Sense Platform for the 21st Century"

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Beverly Eakman’s book is FANTASTIC! Not just the platform-type recommendations, but ALL of it. Every American needs to read it, preferably well before the national election in 2012. --Joan Battey, writer-columnist, Apalachin, NY

I just read the following in the advance copy of Beverly Eakman’s A Common Sense Platform for the 21st Century. It will rock America. Seriously! “[Today’s] children are supposed to become ‘decision-makers’ at the age of four, and child experts consider toddlers flushing their teddy bears down the toilet mature enough to weigh in global warming, re-cycling and ‘civil unions’.” Her new book has got, well, everything and I am so pleased I got to see an advance copy.  -- Roni Bell Sylvester, Publisher/owner, Land and Water USA; co-founder Good Neighbor Law (Denver, CO)

This shows how close we have come to being totally dominated and flummoxed by people bent on controlling us and our country. So many of us here [at NAS, Michigan] appreciate Bev Eakman’s work.  -- Richard L. Cutler, Ph.D., former vice-president, Univ. of Mich. (retired), and past president, Nat’l Assoc. of Scholars, Michigan chapter

ROCK ON, BEV! Thank you so much for taking a simple concept and turning it into the coffin lid for progressive agenda.   --Dave Harlan, Tea Party, Benson, Arizona

In general, I am in agreement with at least 95% of what you wrote, or more. What you are attempting to do is not an easy task and still get most people's attention. It lays out the issues and it outlines some of the common-sense solutions, in detail. It is historical, informational and partly inspirational, all necessary elements to keep the reader's attention. I applaud you for what you have put into this excellent effort.  --Ron Ewart, president, National Association of Rural Landowners

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