Successful MA Events

Update May 2013:  The dual events in MA were roaring successes.  Two impressive audiences trained (i.e., there is indeed hope); books sold out.

International Best-seller Headed for Reprint

My international award-winner and best-seller from 1999, Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality Through Education, is headed for reprint by another publisher that first approached me about it last December.  Release date to be determined, as old floppy "disks" need to be converted.


The Debate Finale: A Sorry Spectacle By Any Measure

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Okay folks, this is a test—and no reading ahead. For those who read last week’s article on this site, “It’s About ‘Perception Management’, Stupid!”, and who also tuned into Monday night’s final presidential debate: Name an example of “perception management” that was woven into this last match between the two candidates. Hint: It is not among Barack Obama’s or Mitt Romney’s spoken arguments.

Friendship: The Unspoken Casualty of Same-sex Politics

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Voters in four states—Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington—will have same-sex “marriage” on the ballot November 6. In Washington and Maryland, state legislators took it upon themselves, as did other states earlier on, to pass laws expanding “marriage” to include homosexual couples. Now their citizens will decide whether to let the laws stand. Poll-watchers say at least one of the four, Maryland, appears to be a shoo-in, and two more are leaning in the same direction. Some 32 states have rejected the legitimacy of “gay” unions at the ballot-box, but the measure has a habit of reappearing even when voters balk, as in Maine.

It's About "Perception Management," Stupid

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An editorial in the Washington Times shocked a many readers last week when it was revealed that the Pentagon is hawking an online course entitled “Power and Privilege,” compliments of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute, a taxpayer-funded entity. The curricular theme, according to the editorial, was that “’the American dream’ is simply a manufactured ideology used to keep the underclass in its place; [that it] is part of the ‘myth of meritocracy’.”

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