alertsCloning of the American Mind
20 years later

Publisher: Resound Books

Here’s what people are saying about my recently released book, PUSH BACK:

There is little defense against an unseen enemy. Without an awareness of who the enemy is, what is its agenda, from which direction it will come, or what methods it will use to con you, ostracize you, or even destroy you, the enemy will most likely prevail. Unless you are equipped to recognize and challenge such an enemy with efficient tools or weapons, you are helpless against it. Renowned author, Beverly Eakman, in her new book PUSH BACK, gives you not only the tools to recognize the concealed, but well-trained, political subversives of our era, but the "weapons" to effectively disarm them. We highly recommend this book to those who seek freedom from the ongoing assaults imposed by today’s brand of psychological warfare, and those truly determined to successfully confront such tyranny head-on.

 -- Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowner (

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In an era in which we are all constantly being manipulated by government, special interest groups, and others, Push Back! How to Take a Stand Against Groupthink, Bullies, Agitators, and Professional Manipulators by B.K. Eakman ($14.95, Skyhorse Publishing, softcover) examines scenarios of mass indoctrination and demonstrates how to recognize and counter them effectively. An educator and international and national human rights advocate, Eakman, provides a guide to spotting how professional manipulators exert power over a room and steer discussions back to their agendas without ever answering audience questions or addressing their concerns. They often employ techniques to ostracize those who challenge their assertions, questioning or criticizing them. This is an extremely useful book when hoaxes and deceptions are advanced by such people.

-- Alan Caruba, at 

Beverly Eakman confronts like a Bengal Tiger. 

Her unflagging dedication to exposing the psychological manipulation and deception awash in our educational system and society as a whole is beyond praiseworthy. Her latest book, PUSH BACK follows in that tradition. The book is a veritable blueprint on how to handle the psychological warfare so prevalent in our educational system and elsewhere. 

She reveals the psych techniques in great detail, and then gives you the information on exactly how to deal with them. If you care about our country read this book.

And if you really want to see what has happened to American education, take the entrance exam to Jersey City high school circa 1885, at the back of the book. And when you recover get active.

-- best selling author, John Truman Wolfe (

Perhaps the biggest reason for [the] disconnect between [a school initiative called] “inBloom” and the general public is best explained by Push Back author, B.K. Eakman. In an interview with Breitbart News, Eakman stated, "inBloom operates from a world viewpoint put out in the mainstream media that data collection is okay." She also said she feels the public's fears are not allayed because people wonder why potentially massively invasive personal information is being collected at all. As Eakman posited, "If you like your privacy, you can't keep it." And for this very reason, the contentious data collection debate will likely continue.  

-- Merrill Hope, Breitbart News, Feb. 7, 2014 


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